Yesterday, the County announced its own figures on crime trends since 2007 and that provides a nice baseline to compare Takoma Park’s progress.  Serious crimes (murder, rape, robbery, assault) are down in Takoma Park by 55% since 2007, compared to 33% in the County or 14% nationwide.  All crime is down 37% in the city and 26% in the County.  These figures are based on similar ones the county used yesterday here, but amended to add Takoma Park into the picture.

And whereas the County saw all crime go up between 2000 and 2006 by 8%, in Takoma Park it dropped by 10% during that time.  These updated numbers come from our Police Department's crime report out yesterday and earlier ones which I have summarized before

We still have more work to do in better using technology and in better customer service from our police department.  We can do more to address crime hot spots before they get worse.  But these are encouraging statistics showing how we compare to the rest of the county.



04/22/2014 8:19am

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