I am writing to let everyone know that I am running for City Council in the election to be held on November 5th - early voting begins in 32 days. 

For those of you who don't know me, I've been in Takoma Park for over 10 years and my family lives on Woodland Avenue.  My son and daughter are growing up in Takoma Park schools, playing in our parks and open spaces.  My full time job is as Vice President for Policy at a non-profit called Defenders of Wildlife.  My wife, Winnie, works as a contractor for the State Department.  I previously served on three city committees before being elected to City Council in 2011.

The last two years....
Its been fantastic to represent you over the last two years  and I am proud of what the Council has been able to accomplish with your help and support.  In 2011, I campaigned on three themes: enhancing the livability of our community, expanding sustainability, and improving accountability & services.  Along with the day to day work of helping residents with individual challenges, I think this list includes some of the biggest successes of the community:

  • Establishment of bike share program beginning this autumn
  • Creation of food truck program
  • Continued tax abatement projects for low income housing improvements
  • New crossing guards at Takoma Junction
  • Continued partnership with business association that helped recruit new restaurants
  • New sidewalk construction process
  • New sidewalk on Jackson Avenue Stop signs on Central Ave
  • Increased funding for home repair work for lower income homeowners
  • Prevention of development zoning for McLaughlin School property without more community input
  • Finalized 410 agreement with State Highway Administration
  • New streetscape standards to guide future New Hampshire Avenue redevelopment
  • Expanded budget for sustainability
  • Partnership with University of Maryland to find sewage leaks into Sligo Creek
  • Expanded recycling efforts and composting pilot
  • Restrictions on lawn pesticides that will benefit our health
  • Near completion of a sustainability and energy action plan accountability & services
  • Made it easier to register to vote and vote early
  • First reduction in city property tax rate in many years
  • Lowered voting age
  • Expanded opportunities for apartment residents to interact with political candidates
  • Expanded community grants
  • Restored voted rights to people with felony convictions
  • Established Sunday library hours

The next two years....

I am running again for election and hope I can earn your vote on Tuesday, November 5th.  I've attached a link  to a 2-page description of what I hope to work on with you over the next two years.  This includes:

  • Starting a conversation about what we want the city to look like in the future in terms of how much development, where and of what type.
  • Prioritizing projects already in planning that will reduce the volume and speed of traffic on our roads and projects that enhance pedestrian safety.
  • Expanding restaurants and other services residents have asked for.
  • Continue work with the Adventist Hospital to keep urgent care services and other medical services on the site when the main hospital moves to White Oak.
  • Its important to implement new lawn pesticide restrictions effectively and fairly
  • We need to continue to pressure WSSC (the were company) to fix pollution leaks that flow into Sligo Creek
  • Adopting and implementing new energy saving programs that will save residents money and reduce energy use
  • Continuing work with the new City Manager to provide more data and metrics to you on the strengths and weaknesses of city services.
  • Working toward a long term solution on tax duplication so that the county keeps less of the money you pay in taxes for services the city actually provides.

What's next....

I hope to be campaigning in your neighborhood soon and welcome any conversation about these ideas or your priorities for the Council - and how I can help.  You can reach me by email (timothymale@gmail.com), phone (240) 274-0341 or through my website (www.timmale.com).  Please get in touch to talk - I'd be happy to schedule a visit, organize a house party or get your help in the campaign.  Please signup for my email list here.

Takoma Park's nominating caucus is at 7:30 pm on Tuesday in the Community Center Auditorium.  I hope you can come and if any of you are interesting in helping provide the nomination, please call me this weekend! 

Thanks so much for all the great successes we've had together over the last two years.  I appreciate all the time you spend making Takoma Park a better place. Every effort I've been part of on Council has only been possible because so many of you were did much of the work to make it happen.   


Tim Male

Woodland Avenue


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