I know it doesn't always feel like it - an attempted burglary just happened on New Hampshire Avenue on August 6th - but crime in Takoma Park has been on a downward trend for years.  In 2002, approximately 5.5% of residents experienced a non-violent theft of property from their home or car - in 2010, that figure dropped to 3.5%.  Similarly for violent crime, just less than 1% of residents experienced a violent crime in 1980 - in 2010 that had dropped to approximately a 0.4% of residents.    In comparison, in nearby Hyattsville there is 60% more violent crime and 300% more non-violent property crime.

The Takoma Park Police Department reports on crime every year - for example the 2010 report is here and you can also find much of the data for many years here.  Another service our police department provides is near real time tracking of where crimes are occurring in a map that is available to the public.  They also track citations - for example in 2010 gave 40 citations to drivers who failed to stop or yield to pedestrians and bikes or blocked pedestrian/bike routes and saw a 70 % reduction in vehicle accidents with pedestrians or bikes versus 2009. 

We should be striving for continuous annual reductions in overall levels of violent and non-violent crime.  In particular, the City Council should be helping our police force continue to reduce the rate of burglaries, larcenies and auto thefts (nearly 600 occurred in 2010).  Any crime is unacceptable, but I am very satisfied with the services Takoma Park's police force provides for us.  We should - and do - have a police force that is responsive and accountable to the public.