Citizens have a long history of being involved in City leadership through Committees and Task Forces established by Council or residents’ initiative.  These committees haven’t always been well-used by the City, but the current Council has made welcome efforts to give committees clearly mandates and in turn to take recommendations made by committees seriously.  This builds trust among residents involved and over the long term I think will bring more volunteers into service because they will know that the Council and City staff treat their recommendations seriously.

  I’ve served four terms on three committees since moving here in 2002:

  • Safe Roadways Committee (2003) I served on this committee along with Andy Kelemen and others .  Our top recommendations were that the City try out roundabouts, pedestrian islands and ‘bulbouts’ to improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety.  I’m happy to note that all of these have since been built in the City and some (like at Columbia Avenue and Carroll) have brought significant benefit in safer roads.
  • Committee on the Environment (2005-2007)  With Catherine Tunis, Albert Nunez, Ward 2 Resident Robert Goo and many others, the Committee address a number of others but I think was particularly effective in its early work in bringing rain barrels to the City through free or low cost barrel kits and workshops.  Today rain barrels are in use all across the City, reducing our stormwater runoff problem.
  • Task Force on Environmental Action (2009-2010)  This was a particularly effective group in part because members like Nadine Bloch, Ward 2 resident Joe Edgell, David Hunter, Sat Jiwan Ikle-Khalsa, Terrell North and others worked hard on their mission and because the City gave us a specific mandate.  We put together an excellent set of high priority recommendations around improving the City’s recycling program, expanding renewable energy use in the City and taking climate change seriously.  The work of the Task Force had a wonderful initial success in partnership with residents to convince the Council to hire a Sustainability Coordinator in 2012.
I’m really proud of support from Task Force members like Leandra Carrasco who commented on my candidacy, "I am thrilled that you are running for Council!  You will do an excellent job and you definitely have my full backing.  I was impressed by your work, dedication, and thoughtfulness a number of times while serving on the TFEA.  I also appreciate your sincere concern for the City and for making it a better place for us all to live.